Thursday, May 19, 2011


I spent last weekend in Utah with 2 really great friends. It was quite a trip to say the least. I wasn't feeling well, but still drove down on Thursday thinking it would pass. As the weekend went on I was just feeling worse and worse. I kept saying I am ok, it is just gas. I really didn't want to ruin this fun weekend for my friends and I.

We stayed at Terrins Dad's fiances for the weekend. It was so nice of her to let us stay. We were lounging on the couch when the lady that rents the basement and her daughter came upstairs to inform me that she(the daughter) forgot to set her emergency brake and her car backed into mine.....Ouch #1 That one is a $1638.00 one.

Then later that afternoon we headed to dinner this was after a day of shopping. I still was feeling well crappy. Anyway we were in the car and I set my wedding ring on the seat in when we drove forward the ring slid back and fell down a little hole where the seat belt was and under the carpet inbetween the undercarriage and carpet of the car. OUCHY #2.... The next day nurse Tia worked her tail off and got it out. Bless your heart.

I loved spending time with Tia and Terrin. We laughed and just talked. What 2 amazing friends.

Saturday afternoon I went to Provo to see my Sis-in-law Kelly she did my hair....LOVE IT. Then we grabbed a sandwich and went to her house to change to go to dessert with my cousin Brook. By this point in time I am about to die, but who is going to pass up dessert at a place called Chocolate. (not this gal.) I should have known that when I was having a hard time buttoning my pants before I left something was really wrong.....After and hour and a failed attempt at a good time for me anyway we went back to Kellys where she ran me a hot bath and a shook with chattering teeth. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning thinking okay that was not fun. I put my sweats and hat and a little makeup on and headed for home. By the time I reached Centerville I was dying or so I thought. I called my mother in law and she talked me through till Willard. I made it to about Malad and stopped to use the bathroom and realized I didn't know if I could make it the rest of the way. I called Paul and told him something was really wrong. He said he would come get me and I told him I would just meet him at Community Care. Then I called my friend Tia who said I should probably head straight to the ER. I let my parents know that I wouldn't be able to meet them in Pocatello that I just wanted to get home. My Mom called back and said meet us in Idaho Falls that they wanted to know I was ok. We met at a truck stop where my Dad and Grandpa gave me a blessing. How amazing that I had these two wonderful men in my life and that they are worthy priesthood holders. I Love my Grandpa and my Dad and what a great example they are to me. Then Dad said Mom is driving you the rest of the way. I must have looked pretty hammered. I had driven all the way freezing and hurting with the heat full blast bent over in the seat. We got to the ER where they took me back and put and IV and pain killers in me and then we waited. Blood was taken and a Cat Scan done. The blood work came back normal.... we waited some more. I had an Oviaran cyst rupture and matter in my uterus. OUCH #3! 1 Blighted ovem. 2 Miscarriages and 3 child births a broken hip and ruptured appendix and I am sure this is the worst pain I have ever had. They said that I had to come back the next day for ultrasounds to see what the matter was. They even said the C word (cancer) which freaked me out a little. I am so grateful for the wonderful friends or should I say Sisters that I have who told me that they knew it was going to be ok. Terrin, Tia, Kelly, Holly, Heather, Wendy and my other Mom Helen. I was really nervous. As it turns out it was fluid from the ruptured cyst and I am going to live after all. I am also so grateful for the friends and family who brought dinner Glenda, Holly and Brook. I feel so so blessed to have these amazing angels in my life everyday. My cute Grandma called every# she could thing of to see if I was going to be okay.

I am expecially GRATEFUL for my Mom who came and helped me with my kiddos, planted flowers and held my hand.

Paul was so great! He even stayed in the room when they did the IV and bloodwork. I am lucky to have him and feel so bad that it took me 11 years to realize it. Thanks Babe. I LUV U!

I am so Thankful to my Heavenly Father that this was just a minor thing. I am blessed everyday and I know that he has a hand in my life. He has put amazing people into my life. I have such a great life. :)

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