Monday, February 2, 2009


So this weekend was so great. I left Friday morning and drove to Utah. First I stopped in Twin Falls and said hi to my brother, who proceeded to buy me two pairs of super cute shoes. He manages the Journeys. Thanks Casey you are such a sweetheart. Yes this is going to be full of shameless plugs. Next I went to Clearfield and saw my friend Robyn and got to check out her Dance Studio, Dancelife Studio. It is so cute and I got to watch her teach. She has a facebook page and everyone should go check it out and become a fan. Maycee and I got matching Dance life sweatshirts and they are so dang cute. Thanks Robyn we love Dancelife Studios. I drove to Eagle Mountain and spent some time doing ACN meetings for Willy, Pam and Lionel and they went great. Thanks guys I have so much fun working with you and love being able to call you friends. Next to Braun and Tara's to see Emery(she talked to me and didn't even glare one time. Maybe it is because I didn't buy her ugly shoes.) and love on Anisten oh man she is the cutest baby ever. We just watched tv and talked Tara and I ate yummy junk and it was great. Tara is a such a doll and I am so glad that she is in our family. I have never met a such a sweetheart. I don't think there is a mean bone in her body. And she is so stinkin talented I can't even describe it. Just go to you will love her car bags they are great. Thank you Tara I love you. I had so much fun and can't wait to get together again. Come see us soon. I had conferences for our business and then went and had dinner with Robyn, Brix and Pacen it was so fun to catch up and what cute little boys. Robyn is the greatest mommy ever. Then I drove back to Twin Falls and went to the smoker (boxing)with Casey and then went and got creamed at bowling. It was so fun to hang with Casey he is such a great brother and I am so glad that he let me stay. The only way the trip would have been better would have been if the family was there. I missed my hubby and kids. I got home Sunday at about 9:00 am and then went to church. Sunday we did the super bowl party thing at Grandpa and Grandma Thueson's complete with Pizza, veggie tray, better than sex cake(not quite but close) and homeade icecream. It was a great weekend with good food and GREAT COMPANY!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


To my Girls Heather and Wendy.... Thank you for the great food and even better conversation. I Love You and I am so Thankful to have to you in my life.
To my Sister Kayla..... I Love You Sis what would I do without you. You are the best.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Missing Santa....

It is official...I am the worst blogger ever. I always think about it and then I forget.
My good friend Elena reminds me now and then that I need to update.
So here we go. Christmas at our house was good, we just stayed home and had Paul's Dad and brother Tom and my sister Kayla all stayed at our place. My Parents and my brother Beau came in super earlier in the morning despite the terrible roads. We opened gifts, laughed and just had a great time. Then we went to breakfast at Denny's Greg bought....Thanks you. It was so nice not to have to cook and clean up. Then we came home and played guitar hero, dance dance revolution, battleship, farm, tractors, and some even got a nap in. It was great. My folks left and we went to Paul's Grandparents and had dinner with his twin brother Kent and his Mom , Greg and Tom it was a really good time and really good food. The kids opened more presents and we visited. It was a really great Christmas spent with family.
Okay for the funny story the night before Christmas, Paul was asked by some of our friends to play Santa. We had been at my Grandparents in Parma and the weather was terrible it was snowing and blowing and it took me forever to get home. Anyways Paul's Dad dropped him off and then came here to the house. I was still on my way home. I got home and got the kids unloaded and got a phone call saying Paul was done. So Greg and Tom said we will go get him. 20 minutes later they were still not back they had missed the turn and gone to far. Our friends only live about a mile from our house. So I called my friend to find out if they were there. Keep in mind the roads were really bad and it was snowing and blowing so hard. She said that Paul had left about 20 minutes ago to walk to the corner to get picked up so that he wouldn't get caught by the kids..... then Greg called and said that they couldn't find Paul, but were following fresh tracks in the snow. I really thought they were just being funny. I jumped in my car so did Heather and Greg and Tom were still driving around. As I rounded the corner of our street and headed to Dallin Woods. I saw this figure walking down the street holding something in his hand. It was almost solid white. Yes it was my husband poor guy had walked home because he had waited for like 15 minutes and no one had picked him up. In his hand was a plate of goodies that were soaking wet and running everywhere. Who says that Santa can't get lost......