Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chasing Rainbows!

I am sitting outside on the deck the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I love mornings like this when everyone is still asleep and I can have a few minutes to just think.
Sunday I was sitting on my bed and here comes Carson running full speed into my room in his green monkey pj's and excited as can be. "Mom come here. Do you wanna have some fun?" I followed him out the door and said "sure what are we going to do?" As he jump of the stair of the deck I caught up with him and grabbed his hand and he said "we are going to catch that rainbow." We are going to slide on it. So we ran for a minute and I said son "I think it went to far away." With a smile he replied "Yeah it went to the farm and it is to far away but next time we will catch it."
My baby turned 4 yesterday. He is so much fun and I love that he is getting big enough to hang with the kids and be excited about big kid things. No more diapers, naps, bottles and packing 2 bags everywhere you go. I really love this age it is really fun. But as I sit here and think about how fast he has grown up I get a little teary eyed. He was so tiny when he was born and has never really ever been a very big child. He is so cute and has the funniest personality. He spends hours and hours roaming around the house and shop "working" I remember before we found out he was coming a few months before I had miscarried. When we found out we were expecting I was so excited. He was worth every second of the barfing, and bed rest. I can not even for a second imagine life without him. He was so worth the wait. Carson today I want you to know how much I adore you. You are Moms littles babiest boy. Thank you for being you and helping us laugh everyday. May you always chase rainbows because I believe some day you will actually catch one.

Now I feel like I am constantly writing about Carson, but I also have 2 other amazing kiddos. Red (Hayden) is in all-stars baseball and we are so proud of him. He has already sold enough fundraiser tickets to pay for half of his cost and plans on selling as many more as he can. He is such a responsible guy (he would be upset if I put kid.) and helps so much with Carson while I work. Hayden is very determined and if he puts his mind to it he is going to do it. much to my anxiety he is working on a double back flip on the tramp now. He always wants to be first and will push himself to do it. He gets fantastic grades in school and excels at every sport he plays. (not quite sure where that talent came from.) I want to explain why we call him Red. When Hayden was little he hated his red hair. I think he was the only one because everywhere he went people admired it. Because I do hair I didn't have a problem letting experiement with different colors from dark brown to bleach blonde.(much to the demise of Dad and Grandma Bone:)) Red has this streak in the back of his hair that is white blonde naturally. He started wrestling when he was about 5 and he had a coach that started calling him Red because there were so many other Haydens, and it stuck. Soon He started asking us, teachers and friends to call him Red. Just a quick note he took 3rd at state wrestling that first year. When we moved to Newdale he just told everyone that is what he wanted to be called. His 6th grade teacher Mrs. Stewart.... Who we LOVE (one of those teachers that changes kids lives.) let him sign his name and Red and called him that all thru class. It is fun that he embraces what Heavenly Father gave him and is proud to be Red.
Hayden, I am to hard on you and I don't tell you near enough how amazing you are. You are my angel and several times I wonder where I would be if you hadn't have said you would come into my life before this life. Thank you for choosing me. Thank for teaching me determination. I know that some day you will achieve all of your dreams and then some. I Love your guts .

Now Miss Maycee. Our only girl and she is definately a girly girl. Once she said to me Mom you don't know fashion I know fashion..... I think she was 4 at the time. This girl is a spit fire and she tells you like it is wether you want to hear it or not. She never backs down. She loves to use her imagination and is always wanting to draw, paint, and create things. Yesterday for her brothers birthday she painted him rock green(because he is the green guy.) She wrapped in scrapbook paper and taped it so well he couldn't get it opened.:) He was so excited. Anyway as fiesty as she is, you will never ever meet a someone with a bigger heart and more compassion.(once again no idea where she gets it.) She is always thinking of others. Everytimes someone comes over they leave with something of hers if they say they like it and usually it is something she loves. She always says oh I really don't ever wear that or use that. It is so amazing to me. Maycee loves to cook (really don't know where she got that at all.) She is pretty good at it too. She makes killer french toast and scrampled eggs. For fathers day she made Paul and I breakfast in bed. I got it because she said that she forgot it on mothers day.
Maycee has never met a stranger. She loves everyone. She will play with kids her own age or way younger, but the neatest thing is when she is around adults it is like she doesn't know she is a child. She will have conversations with them like they are her best friends. Something that just amazes me is Maycee will go with me to work (I work with the elderly) and she will spend hours visiting with the residents. She sits with them so they are not alone. Recently when one of our residents passed away his wife was left behind. They had been married over 65 years. Maycee just cried she was so worried about the wife and wrote her a card that said I Love You. When I took Maycer in to see her. She apologized and just hugged her with tears in her eyes. What 9 year old does that. She loves babies and was and is so much help with Carson She is a mother hen. I think if she had her way we would have a lot more babies. She love to spend time with her little cousin Allie whenever she has the chance. Maycee is tenderhearted. If she someone hurting 9 times out of 10 she will cry. She just cares so much about people. Maycer You are such a little doll baby. Thank you for teaching me compassion. I Luv U Sissy.

I am not sure why I felt like I needed to let each of my children know what I love about them and why they are so important to me only that I needed to. I don't really blog so that anyone that read it can listen to me brag about my children or hear about my day I do it so that I can remember the really special or fun moments that we all to often tend to forget.

I also feel as though I need to express my graditude to my Savior and to tell my children who will no doubt read these at some point in there life that I Love my Heavenly Father and my Brother Jesus Christ and I am so very grateful for there love for me. Kids if and when you read this please know that as I don't say it near enough. Heavenly Father knows me and he know each one of the three of you. It wasn't an accident that you came to live with Dad and I and We Love you so much. I only hope I can teach you all that you need to learn and that you always know what you are worth. Hang on to the gospel...it will get you thru some really hard stuff and make the good stuff that much better.
I Luv ur little guts.