Friday, November 7, 2008

Maycee political veiws

So who knew that my 6 year old would care so much about who won the presidential election. I was super sick in bed on Tuesday and my friend had all of my kids. At about 5pm I got a call from Emalee and she said that Maycee was really upset and wanted to come home. I asked her what was going on and she said that Maycee asked her who she was going to vote for and when Emalee said Obama, Maycee proceeded to freak out and tell her that she was bad and she didn't ever want to come to her house again. Ok so she is a little extreme. I told her to send Maycer home and when she came in the door she was in tears sobbing actually. I had her climb up on my bed and aked her why she was so upset. She explained how Hayden (such a helper) had told her on the way home from school that if Obama won that he would change there school name and our flag. Well this just completely thru her over the edge...(Note to self, remind brother to not have political discussions with 6 year old sister.) I felt bad for this poor little girl she was so afraid and confused. I did her calmed down about an hour later when the phone rang and it was for Maycee. Her little friend Gavin called to talk about who was winning and how many points Obama had and how many McCain had, this conversation went on for 20 minute. She fell asleep on the floor at 8:00 after fighting it as long as she could as to find out who the actual winner would be.The next morning the first words out of her mouth where who won. I told her Obama and she began to cry and informed me that she wasn't going to school because it wouldn't be the same.
Yes she is very DRAMATIC, but yes that is why we love her.
I never remember even caring about who won as President until after I was married I think.
Oh she is growing up so fast.