Friday, August 29, 2008


I wished that I had taken my camera with me today when I took Carson for a walk on the greenbelt. There were a ton of ducks and I had some old bread so all the ducks were around us and Carson was standing in the middle of them. He was trying to chase them and he was laughing so hard that he had tears streaming down his little cheeks. It was the most darling thing that I have ever seen. I love when I have time to just watch my kids be kids.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy Busy

I was really under the impression when my older 2 got in school, I would have all of this free time to accomplish all this great stuff. (Yes you that know better are laughing I know.) I feel like life is so busy.
I did accomplish one thing today. I canned 7 pints and 7 quarts of tomatoes. YEAH!! all by myself I might add. I was so proud of myself.
I am trying to get more organized if you have any great ideas let me know.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes I'm Bragging

Today was the scrimage for Hayden's football team. He got to play on the blue turf at Boise State. He was so excited. He plays runningback and he played so well. We were so proud of him. Of course I was a basket case, because this is his first year of tackle. He made it thru with just one LARGE bruise on his leg.(It probably isn't that big, but to me it is HUGE.) He is such a great little athlete. Maycee was cheering for him before we left for the game. It was so darling. Our little Carson was just happy to be with his Brother and Sister.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school. The kids were so excited. Hayden got up at 5:45 because he was so afraid that he was going to be late.
Hayden is a 4th grader and Maycee is a 1st grader. They are both is school all day, so I just couldn't even imagine how I would spend all my free time. Those who know me, know that I managed to cram it packed full of stuff to do.
Carson got a little bored not having anyone to entertain him, so he just tore the house apart.
Today the boredom continued, and while I was doing hair, he grabbed the towel that my color bowl (red)was sitting on and proceeded to pull it off the table, therefore destroying my pants, his pants and shirt and splashing red color all over the dining room floor and table. YES I WAS SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT!
We are really glad that we get to start over tomorrow and see what fun adventures await us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am brand new to this blogging thing. I really have not a clue what I am doing! I love seeing friends and family's blogs so I am going to give this a try.