Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Funny Boy

Our little Carson what a funny kid. A few of the funny things he said that I need to blog so I will always remember them. He had his tonsil and adnoids out and tube in his ears. A week after it happened he fell off a chair and split his lip clear open. Needless to say it was a bad day. I ran him to the doctor and he looked at the receptionist and said " I Hate My Life." We were all cracking up. He was so serious and we all knew he meant it. He also said over and over "my froat(throat) hurts and I want to go to the hospital and get my froat back in." "I swallowed my froat." One of my favorite things he said is "That is so dang cute." or "thats dewicious" (Delicious.) Today he told me to "Change my attitude." I can't believe how funny this little man is. Because of him we will always say lue lankey(blue blanky) and flate (plate.) Yesterday we took our puppy Doc in to get neutered and Carson was so worried about him. He cried all the way to school because he didn't want to leave Doc at the hospital to get his tonsils out because it would hurt. He said "Doc got and ear fection and he has to get his tonsils out? I want to go get him and bring him home. I can't image our life without this little guy. He lights up our life and brings so much joy into our home. It is funny how much more patient you are with the last one and how bad you want them to stay little. I so wish that I would have been that way with Hayden and Maycee. I was in such a hurry with them. Everyday I look at these kids and thank my Heavenly Father for the joy that they are in my life. What a blessing and how lucky I am that they call me Mom.

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